18 Mai 2010

Plötzlich bin ich in einer düsteren Laune...ich denke an Lincoln...er hatte die Union gerettet, die Wahrheit geäussert, und seine Belohnung war eine Kugel in den Kopf.

Wisdom of Frank Burns

"As I see it, unless we each conform, unless we all follow orders, unless we obey our leaders blindly, there's no possible way we can remain free!"

"There's nothing wrong with ordering people to behave as patriotically as possible."

"Without order and discipline, an Army is just a bunch of guys wearing the same color clothes."

"Individuality is fine as along as we're all doing it together."

Frank Burns: Nobody bet on the battle of Britain! "He who controls the skies controls the war." Herman Goering said that!
Henry Blake: Yeah, well he also wore tutus and ate whole bakeries, Frank.