17 April 2007

Prescient Lyrics

Yesterday's events in Virginia bring to mind some lyrics from that minor classic, Revenge of the Nerds, which depicted the plight of asocial misfits on American campuses. This film, incidentally, hit the silver screen in 1984--the year of my high school graduation, George Orwell's monumental portent--and the birthyear of the ill-starred but extremely literate ("deceitful charlatans," indeed) Cho Seung-hui. Much more succinctly than the present media blather and mawkish sentimentality possibly could, the lyrics to the film's theme song sum up the matter quite a bit more succinctly:

If they call you a dork
A spaz or a geek
Stand up and be heard!
Don't be meek!
Beautiful People--
Haven't you heard?
The joke's on you--
It's Revenge of the Nerds!

Q.E.D. All you cool dudes and hot chicks out there, think twice next time before you blithely spurn some geek.