22 Dezember 2007

Really a Sad State of Affairs...

when you consider that SDSU is the second largest university in California and the largest and oldest in San Diego--the sixth largest city, supposedly "America's Finest." A fellow victim of grad school delusions penned this back in August 2004. The peeling veneer, folks. By the way--what is a shredder boy?

Run-don't walk-to another graduate school for history! The budget has destroyed this program. No meaningful seminars are available. You will probably be taught by some overworked part-timer because they are too cheap to hire tenure track faculty at this school. You will probably get rounded up with other overloaded grads to teach undergrad courses at high workload and low pay. The old-timers are finishing up their careers here as broken men and women who see a stupider class of freshmen coming to SDSU every year. If you like belly rings, flip-flop girls and shredder boys, this is the school for you. If you want a grad program you can be proud of...move on!