21 Dezember 2007

Figured out something big

It has dawned on me that most of us despise each other based on our profession, occupation, trade, and so forth. Or, to put it another way, most of us despise large swaths of occupational categories. Admit it: don't you really hate--and perhaps blame for all manner of social ills--at least some of the following: business people, police officers, debt collectors, lawyers, real estate salespeople, bank tellers, truck drivers (or all other drivers), insurance adjusters, auto mechanics, IT monkeys, telemarketers, government clerks, dentists, politicians, union organizers, bosses, teachers, preachers. . .the list is virtually endless. Yet how many of those who profess to loathe, for example, attorneys, somehow somehow fail to apply the rule when it comes to their own spouse, son, daughter, or parent who just happens (ahem!) to be one?