15 Februar 2009

Right-wingers, do take note!

Robert G. Ingersoll on Lincoln's character:
Lincoln never finished his education. To the night of his death he was a pupil, a learner, an inquirer, a seeker after knowledge. ... Lincoln was a many-sided man acquainted with smiles and tears; complex in brain, single in heart, direct as light; and his words, candid as mirrors, gave the perfect image of his thoughts. He was never afraid to ask; never too dignified to admit that he did not know. ... He did not say what he thought others thought, but what he thought.

Lincoln was an immense personality--firm but not obstinate. Obstinacy is egotism; firmness is heroism. He influenced others without effort, unconsciously; and they submitted to him as men submit to nature, unconsciously. He was severe with himself, and for that reason lenient with others. He appeared to be apologize for being kinder than his fellows. ... He knew no fear, except the fear of doing wrong. Hating slavery, pitying the master--seeking to conquer not persons, but prejudices."