01 Februar 2009

Crude But Utterly Hilarious

Porn titles, derived from regular film titles. In some cases the porn version, I'm sure, beats the original:

Airport 69
All the President's Women
Ally McSqueal
America's Horniest Home Videos
American Hair Pie
Anal-ize This
Anus and Andy
Apackolips Now
As Hard As It Gets
Ate Men Out
Bachelorette Party
Battlestar Orgasmica
Beat the Cock
Beaverly Hills Cop
The Big Sleazy
The Bitches of Westwick
Blast from the Pants
The Blown Ranger
Broadcast Nudes
Buttman and Bobbing
Captain Hooker and Peter Porn
Chinny Chinny Gang Bang
Cumming Holmes
Crocodile Blondie
Dances with Foxes
Dangerous Lesbions
Das Booty
Debbie Does Deliverance
Deeper Impacts
The Deer Humper
Dick, Tracy?
Dickman and Throbbing
Dirty Panting
Dr. Speckle and Ms. Hyde
Drilling Miss Daisy
Easy Ride Her
Edward Penishands
Endless Lust
Facial Attraction
Ferris Bueller's Jack Off
First Times at Cherry High
Fists of Fury
The Flintbones
Friday the 69
Frosty the Blowman
FudgePac Man
The Gay Team
Genital Hospital
The Girl From S.E.X.
Gonad the Barbarian
The Good, The Bad, And the Horny
Good Will Humping
Great Sexpectations
Hannah and Her Blisters
Hannah Does Her Sisters
The Hindlick Maneuver
Honey, I Blew the Kid
I Know Who You Did Last Summer
In and Out in Beverly Hills
Independence Nights
Indiana Bones in the Temple of June
Intercourse with a Vampire
Interview with a Vibrator
Jennifer Ate
Jungle Beaver
Jurassic Pork
Kinky Business
L.A. Raw
The Last Anal Hero
Lethal Weapons
Little Shop of Whores
Looking for Mr. Goodsex
The Lust Boat
The Lust Bug
Lust in Space
Mad Maxine Beyond Thunderbone
The Man With the Golden Penis
Married With Hormones
Mary Bobbings
Miami Spice
A Midsummer Night's Wet Dream
Murphy's Brown
My Three Sluts
National Pornographic's Animal
Navy Squeals
A Nightmare on Dyke Street
On Golden Blonde
Pee-wee Sperming's Big Adventure
The Pink Lagoon
Pleasure Island
Poop Dreams
Porn on the Fourth of July
Pulp Friction
The Queer Hunter
The Rockford Piles
The Rocky Porno Video Show
Romancing the Bone
Rosemary's Beaver
Satisfaction Jackson
Saturday Night Beaver
Saving Ryan's Privates
Schindler's Lust
The Sex Family Robinson
The Sex Files
Sex Lives of the Rich and Famous
Shakespeare in Lust
The Sheets of San Francisco
Single White Nympho
The 69 Olympics with Mark Spits and
Greg Largeanus

The Sperminator
Starship Poopers
Star Trek: Erection
Studsky and Snatch
Suck Rodgers in the 69th Century
Summer of 69ing
2069, A Space Orgy
The T & A Team
Tales from the Dark Hole
Tango and Gash
Terms of Endowment
The Texas Dildo Massacre
Three Men and a Babe
Threesomes Company
To Live and Shave in LA
Top Buns
Total Reball
Turn Her and Hootch
The Twilight Bone
The Wadd Squad
Watersports World
A Wet Dream on Elm Street
When Harry Ate Sally
Where the Boy's Aren't
Who Reamed Robin Rabbit?
Whore of the Worlds
Willy Wonka and the Hershey Highway
Yank My Doodle, It's a Dandy
You've Got Male!

A Beautiful Behind
Womb Raider
Schindler's Fist
Shaving Ryan's Privates
Glad he ate her
Driving Into Miss Daisy
Riding Miss Daisy
Batman in Robin
Blowjob Impossible
Dyke Hard
Star Whores
Sorest Rump
Edward Penishands
Pulp Friction
Swollow Hal
Breast Side Story
Blown in 60 Seconds
Buffy The Vampire Layer
Buttman and Throbbin'
Sperms of Enderarment
School of Cock
Free My Willy
Throbin Hood (Prince of Beaves)
When Harry Ate Sally
Romancing The Bone
Lord Of The G-Strings
White Men Can't Hump

Intercourse With The Vampire
Clockwork Orgy
The Da Vinci Load
The Da Vinci Load 2 : Angels and Semen
Whore of the Roses
Good Will Humping
Ass Almighty
American Booty
The Bare Bitch Project
Sleeping Booty