07 Mai 2007

Die Welt rutscht hinab, wahrhaft

Staggering gas price increases and the concomitant long-term truth we all deny; recrudescent Cold War; Al-Quaida, GWT; 6.5 billion and counting (6 billion just seven years ago, folks); vanishing bees; global warming (or something, at any rate); poor Tasmanian devils; immigration; health care; inflation; China; Eurabia; a populace ill-read and untutored; children loaded up on pharmacocktails; crank. . .and those are just the ones I can think of right away, after a day spent soaking my carpets with what is undoubtedly an environmentally hostile, carcinogenic cleaner--that also, sad to say, works like a charm in getting rid of dust, mold and mildew and leaves a very nice, nonspecific-fresh scent.